Silwear Sense Sets

Silwear sense sets are deisgned to save you money or make your loved ones happy with luxury gifts that will satisfy even the most sophisticated taste. 

All our products are made of 100% pure silk with integrated ions of 99.99% pure silver. The silk we use to tailor this luxury for you gently caresses the hair and skin. Its antistatic properties guarantee you will wake up without electrified hair and with a fresh face. Owing to its hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antifungal properties, silk pillowcases with silver are a go-to choice for sensitive skin that needs a tad more care and attention.

Unlike flax or cotton, silk is hydrophobic – it does not drain much-needed moisture from the hair and skin. It helps fight against acne or frizzy and damaged hair.

The friction between the skin and the fabric reduces by as much as 43% if you sleep on silk, which can prevent the formation of wrinkles on the face and neck caused by contact! Remember that almost one-third of our lives is spent sleeping, so you may as well give yourself the luxury and rest you deserve!

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