Silwear Sense launched in 2020, developing and manufacturing silver nanotechnology-based textile products

Our Mission


The know-how, experience and passion that guide us have prompted us to start creating high-quality silk products, containing integrated silver ions and zeolite clinoptilolite (100% natural mineral).


Silver and Zeolite

Integration of silver ions and zeolite molecules into the fabric
Silwear Sense products made of the finest silk are premium quality, owing to state-of-the-art technology employing silver ions and zeolite. The idea to use ultrasound to integrate silver of 99.99 % purity and zeolite clinoptilolite into our silk products has proven highly successful considering that silk treated in that manner is highly resistant to a plethora of microorganisms and highly beneficial to skin and hair health. The advantage of using our silk products with integrated silver particles is manifested in these particles’ nanometric size, having a large surface that enables better contact and more efficient interaction with microorganisms. The concentration of silver ions integrated into silk fabric has a remarkable effect on the antimicrobial efficiency of silk fabrics. Zeolite Clinoptilolite integrated into silk fabric contains positive ions in its negatively polarised molecules and essential cations that are highly beneficial for the skin’s health and reduce allergic reactions.


Market research in the area of health
Silver ion technology is increasingly catching the eye of the textile industry since it opens new possibilities for developing textile materials with specific end-use properties. The concept of silver nanoparticle application to textile materials relies on developing new technology that provides desired effects with long-term durability and stability without using highly toxic organic compounds. Therefore, we have decided to integrate into our silk: silver – used for centuries as an antimicrobial agent – and zeolite clinoptilolite – the most potent natural mineral that removes all toxins from the body and the largest organ, i.e. the skin.

mision and vision

Idea resourcing, goal setting. Mission and Vision

Our guiding idea is to understand and cater to the needs of our consumers. To provide them with a first-rate Serbian product that matches the most popular global brands in terms of quality and price. Our mission does not end here, but it takes us all the way to the creation of the best conditions both for our consumers and our employees, underpinned by inexhaustible motivation. We have created one-of-a-kind products, integrated silver ions into the top quality silk and organic cotton and together with our team of experts and designers we continually come up with new ideas eager to meet all our consumers’ needs

Our name is synonymous with that of an innovative company in tune with the time to come. Being and remaining a standard-bearer time and again in production, new technologies and lifestyle lies at the heart of our vision. To be a company that not only keeps pace with new trends but also predicts and creates them.


Total devotion to sewing technology

We make our products using 100% pure silk, certified organic cotton and premium quality cotton thread. Products are made to the highest global standards, free from fraying of edges, tailoring is done on the state-of-the-art high precision laser cutter finished with French stitch that guarantees reinforced edges.

quality and standards

High expertise, strict hygiene and safety standards

We place particular emphasis on assuring the quality of each product lot. Silwear Sense, a brand of the company Koloid operates according to and holds internationally recognised certification for the ISO 9001 and HACCP standards.

Continual improvement of the quality management system, environmental management system, hygiene management system and HAACP system, including the occupational health and safety management system,  meeting the ISO 9001 standard requirements, Silwear Sense ensures compliance with all laws and regulations governing the quality and safety of all products and processes.

Our operations are based on the Quality Policy principles. Continual care about our products’ safety is one of our company’s principal goals, which we continually pursue and implement. As a responsible company,  we continually examine the quality parameters against set specification requirements, legal regulations and rules, in line with EU regulations and legislation in all countries where we do business.

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