Organic bed linen for children

8.000,00 RSD

Posteljine od PREMIUM ORGANSKOG PAMUKA ZA BABY I DEČIJE KREVETE! Budite sugurni da vaše dete spava na najčistijem pamuku, prirodno gajenom bez ikakvih štetnih supstanci!

Set sadrži:

  • Čaršav sa lastišem za dimenzije dušeka 90x200cm
  • Navlaka za prekrivač 140x200cm
  • Jastučnica 50x70cm

Whatever color the room is for your child, the most important thing is that he spends the night in PREMIUM ORGANIC COTTON bedding, 100% pure and certified with integrated silver ions of even 99.99% purity! PREMIUM ORGANIC COTTON BEDDING FOR BABY AND CHILDREN’S BEDS! Be sure that your child sleeps on the purest cotton, naturally grown without any harmful substances!
Organic cotton with integrated silver ions is the safest bedding you can afford for your deci- soft, gentle and thanks to the silver ions protected – because the silver in the fabric acts antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal…

The set contains:

Fitted sheet for mattress dimensions 90x200cm
Cover for bedspread 140x200cm
Pillowcase 50x70cm

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