Silwear Sense Nightwear

What is Silver sensuality?

Discover our pretty silk nightdresses, hand-made, 100% silk with integrated 99.99% ionised silver. One-of-a-kind. Premium quality and elegant design give you an unparalleled experience throughout the night, while always leaving you feel sensual and seductive.

Silver will ensure that your nightdress is protected against microbes, bacteria or dust mites and is 100% safe for your health.

Luxury feeling

Compared to untreated fabrics, Silwear Sense nightwear, made of silk with permanently integrated silver ions and zeolite clinoptilolite, displays efficient antifungal properties. Our silk product range is actually an antimicrobial textile because prolonged contact with the most sensitive skin regions and the intimate region protects and nurtures sensitive skin prone to bacterial and fungal infections. The integration of tiny ion particles into our silk provides an outstanding antibacterial and antiallergic efficiency.

When it comes to sleeping, there is hardly any feeling that compares with the luxury a silk nightdress provides. Smooth, gentle, light silk wrapping around your body will give you a sense of luxury and total relaxation.
Silk for sleeping with integrated silver ions will contribute to your skin’s health, in particular if you have sensitive skin.

Silwear Sense silk sleep mask

You have probably woken up tired at least once. If you have, you know what it feels like to have a poor night’s sleep. Many people rely on sleep masks to totally unwind. But what are the true benefits of these masks?  A good quality sleep mask facilitates sleep, blocking light and other distractions. The safest way to easily fall asleep is to try Silwear Sense sleep mask…

They help improve your sleep quality

The biological rhythm of each and every one of us helps our body assess when it is the best time for us to sleep or wake up, with light playing a significant factor. The darker the environment where we sleep, the more melatonin the body produces to help us fall into a deep sleep. Melatonin is essential because at that moment our body can self-heal; it is also linked to better skin health, improved cognitive abilities, strengthened immune system and better eating habits.

Prevent facial wrinkles

Silwear Sense sleep masks with permanently integrated silver ions and zeolite contribute to facial skin care. They do not disrupt the skin’s collagen structure, which may lead to the formation of deep and thin wrinkles. Silwear Sense sleep mask is actually a protective barrier safeguarding the skin around the eyes, which is most sensitive and prone to wrinkles.

Advantages of Silwear Sense Sleeping Mask

Made of the finest silk, Silwear Sense sleep masks provide the ultimate comfort to the most sensitive region of the face. The sleep mask possesses antibacterial, antifungal and hydrophobic properties. It retains hardly any moisture, so it is perfect for gentle facial skin. Silwear sense silk sleep mask does not warm or irritate the skin. Since our silk is hypoallergenic, this mask is especially recommended for sensitive skin. The beautiful design, quality and properties of Silwear Sense sleep mask will give you the pleasure you deserve and become an indispensable accessory to sleep quality.

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