Cotton Bedding

100% Organic cotton

Posteljina od 100% organskog pamuka sa integrisanim jonima srebra, pružiće vam neverovatnu mekoću, a srebro će osigurati da spavate u antialergijskom okruženju koje se posebno preporučuje najmladjima i osetljivim kategorijama. Silwear sense proizvodi su jedinstveni na svetu jer sadrže integrisane jone srebra čistoće čak 99,99%!

Svestranost, mekoća, sposobnost boljeg upijanja, udobnost, prozračnost, biorazgradivost i izdržljivost, samo su neke od osobina zbog kojih je organski pamuk dobio popularni status. Zbog svoje jedinstvene strukture vlakna koje može apsorbovati 2,7 puta više od sopstvene težine, pamuk pomaže u uklanjanju vlage sa površine tela, apsorbujući i odvajajući je od kože.

Antimicrobe technology
Silwear Sense biomedical products made of organic cotton are manufactured using state-of-the-art silver ion technology. Organic cotton fabrics are treated with colloidal silver particles in order to… read more obtain nanocomposite textile materials with stable and durable antimicrobial properties. The antimicrobial efficiency of modified materials was tested for Gram-negative bacterium Escherichia coli, Gram-positive bacterium Staphylococcus aureus and fungi Candida albicans. Treatment of organic cotton fabrics with colloidal silver nanoparticles provides excellent antimicrobial efficiency.
Organic cottor and silver ion effect

Organic cotton permanently integrating a 99.99% pure silver using ultrasound ionisation is treated as a biomedical material which has demonstrated a broad spectrum of antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral properties. In addition, this material possesses good antimicrobial properties against antibiotic-resistant microorganisms, preventing microorganisms from growing without causing skin irritation. 

Bedding made of 100% organic cotton with integrated silver ions will afford you outstanding softness. Silver will ensure sleep in an antiallergic environment, which is especially recommended for the youngest and sensitive categories. Silwear Sense products are one-of-a-kind as they contain 99.99% pure silver integrated ions!

Organic cotton is grown naturally, without any chemicals, which is why organic cotton bedding is safe for our health. Growing demand for organic cotton demonstrates environmental awareness of the people who want an antiallergic environment for themselves and their loved ones.
Organic cotton is cultivated in a natural and environmentally-friendly manner just like ordinary cotton used to be grown. Natural cultivation gives cotton a softness that leaves a remarkably pleasant feeling on the skin and is safe for our health.

Why choose organic products?

Organic cotton is soft, pleasant on the skin and hypoallergenic. It gives us an environmentally-friendly option when shopping. Various studies have proven time and time again that organic cotton has a much softer feel and higher water absorption. On contact with the skin, it displays hypoallergenic properties, i.e. it does not cause irritation.   Organic cotton certified according to organic agriculture standards combines production tradition, science and innovation to help safeguard the environment and all those who inhabit it.

How silver soothes the skin
As normal microflora, bacteria inhabit the skin and the inside of our body. It is known that 30% of healthy people carry S. aureus bacterium. However, bodily functions control their growth and proliferation so neither do they harm the body nor cause diseases. It becomes a problem when bacteria migrate to a textile material, such as pyjamas, sheets, and bedding because humidity and temperature in such an environment stimulate their rapid growth. That is the reason why further contamination needs to be stopped. Numerous conventional finishing procedures fail to provide lasting effects of textile materials; their functionality is often lost after washing or wearing. In contrast, permanent ultrasound integration of silver ions into organic cotton fabrics allows the fabric to preserve its antimicrobial properties, where silver ions rapidly destroy pathogens. That is why organic cotton fabric with silver ions soothes the skin without causing irritation.
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