SilWear Liquid Detergent And Softener With Silver Ions

800,00 RSD

SilWear liquid detergent and softener 2in1 with silver ions innovation for washing fabrics, maintaining softness as well as silver ion levels in fabrics that already contain silver ions. Suitable for children’s laundry as well as for people with sensitive skin. You don’t need an additional fabric softener because SilWear, in addition to effectively removing stains, leaves your laundry soft and fragrant for a long time. Mild and pleasant smell. It is intended for washing at a temperature of 20 to 90°C and is an excellent choice to obtain a clean and safe result.

SilWear 2 in 1 liquid detergent and softener is enriched with silver ions, which are the most effective natural fighter against bacteria, viruses and fungi and reduce the presence of pathogenic microorganisms. Silver acts as a catalyst and blocks certain enzymes that bacteria, viruses and fungi use in their metabolism, thus preventing their growth and development.

SilWear 2in1 is suitable for all types of fabrics, both white and colored laundry.

It is adapted for two types of washing – manual and machine washing. After washing, the clothes are soft, clean and pleasantly perfumed.

  • Effectively removes impurities;
  • Refines fabrics;
  • For hand and machine washing;
  • The balanced formula also protects sensitive skin;

SilWear scent A 1l package is enough for 20 washes.

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